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VideoHub® is the complete video advertising stack that aligns buyers and sellers focused on achieving brand marketing goals. Deliver, measure, analyze, monetize, and optimize video on any screen with one powerful partner. Gain marked efficiencies in time, money, and resources, while gaining true transparency into the video ecosystem. And, our robust, flexible platform can easily plug into your existing infrastructure.

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Built for video, our decision technology lives deep within the video player to deliver unmatched transparency into ad delivery, content quality, viewer experience, and overall effectiveness. Manage, traffic, and report on your video campaigns on any screen, site, or network. Our ad tags are 100% IAB-compliant to maximize media partner adoption and ease of trafficking. One tag works for computer, smartphone, tablet, and connected TV ads. Happy with your current ad server? Reap other rewards of the VideoHub stack without severing those relationships.

VideoHub sees what others simply can't around consumption and ad performance. We measure the brand metrics that matter to you, like perception, consideration, and intent. Our technology continuously monitors critical variables that affect ad performance and adjusts delivery in real time based on billions of data points. The first platform to integrate Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings™ (GRPs), VideoHub has established a common language between traditional and digital, so we can understand reach, frequency, and – finally – effective reach.

Dare to know what's working and why across critical variables:

The Viewer

Video Consumption
Video View History
Geo Location
Operating System
Browser Type

The Ad

Time of Day
Day of Week

The Content

Player Size
Player Position
Content Category
Content Length
Site Domain


Third-Party Behaviors
Website Data
Other Digital Media
Your Custom Data

VideoHub is the only platform that knows what's inside the video stream before an ad is ever served. Our server can examine every frame of video, the surrounding page, images, text, and audio file to analyze, categorize streams, and ensure brand safety.

Where's the value in quality control if it's not immediately actionable? We verify exactly how and where ads appeared in real time. Viewability metrics (player position and size) reveal how many video ad impressions are 100% viewable, partially viewable, or non-viewable; and how player size impacts performance. It's a level of measurement and understanding unavailable anywhere else.

Maximizing CTR is easy, but brand perception doesn't move because clicks increased or you reached a higher concentration of a target demographic. There's a lot more behind that rating point, click-through rate, completion rate, and even brand lift. Our machine is constantly learning about your brand and how different audiences and environments are impacting performance goals. Understand the critical variables driving success and failure across reach, frequency, time spent, brand metrics, engagement rate, click-through rate, and conversions. Optimize in real time to enhance ROI for your brand.

Demonstrating the value of your campaigns or sites isn't as daunting as it seems. Understand how your campaigns perform objectively with our benchmarking tools. Compare performance metrics to industry bests or vertical norms as well as larger consumption habits.

We had a dream: Create amazing ads once, run them everywhere. Our creative toolkit streamlines ad creation and trafficking across any site, network, or device, without sacrificing functionality or viewer experience. Build and execute beyond the standard pre-roll; adapt to technology at greater speeds; see how viewers are engaging via heat maps; test creative; and leverage real-time insights to adapt and tweak for superior campaign performance.